Why use Twitter as a Start-Up?

Someone once asked me this vital question “Why should I put my business on twitter?” I paused for a minute before I answered him with “I will let you decide if you should put your business on twitter or not after telling you the benefits of twitter for startups”. Many of us think twitter is a place for “flying” news updates only, a one stop shop for catching up with what is trending. If you think that is all, you are wrong. Twitter is a place for connecting with people. As a business owner myself, I can’t count the number of projects that my company – LucrativeTECH had gotten from twitter. As well as the number of intern we have employed as a result of connecting with me directly on twitter.

I know the question on some people mind right now is that – If twitter is for connecting, then how do I get started and who can I connect with on twitter?

Who Can I Connect With On Twitter?

  1. Connect with Potential Customers: A lot of Nigerians on twitter are there to check news update and celebrity gist, what matters to you as a start up owner is that “there are sha some people on the twitter”. If they do not know what they are looking for on twitter, give them something to look at. Make them see your product and services. Here is the trick, think of how what is trending relate to your product or service. Tweet and use the right hash tag. Be creative!
  2. Connect with Investors: Let me shock you with this “Investors are constantly looking out for serious startups on twitter – Kolawole, 2017.” Don’t quote me anyway! But seriously this is true. You can make an impression with your tweets
  3. Connect with Influencers/Journalist/Bloggers: What is the essence of a great product and service that no one knows anything about? Influencers, bloggers and Journalist can give your start up that just one hype it needs to reach the sky.
  4. Connect with Industrial Captains: Having your service or product endorsed by people or companies that are already successful means a lot for your start up growth.
  5. Connect with Customers: Well, this is the most important “connect” for a start-up. Someone once told me that he finds LucrativeTECH everywhere – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, GooglePlus etc. – For the record, we are not everywhere, but we are best at where we are. But that is what makes a startup great – ease of accessibility. Let your client find you where they love. This is very vital for startups, reply tweets, retweet replies and comments, tweet testimonies, tag your clients or customers, make them say something about your startup. All of these will lead to more customers by referral and even by word of mouth.


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