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Apps Development

Do you need a custom iOS or Android app? Or maybe you need a cross-platform, web-based one-build-for-every-device solution? Are you exploring wearable, the Internet of Things and other new tech? Let’s talk.

Web Development

We have developed over 120 websites, what makes us stand out is our experience over the years and unique designs. Our website development package comes with one year maintenance to ensure don down time.

Digital Marketing

We can help you achieve you business goal(s) with the right digital technology tools. From awareness creation to leads generation and intention to decision, decision to sales and re-sales. Our Digital Marketing Solutions drive your brand to the top.

Training & Consultancy

We train, we coach and we consult. We believe IT is a catalyst for business growth and business profitability. We offer consultancy to start up,  medium and large scale business. Our consultancy service is FREE

Share Fact Not Fear

Recently, I had a conversation with my boss at work, he said and I quote “In a time of striking disaster, fear at times kills people even more than the disaster itself”. Citing the Lagos explosion years ago as an instance, he said many people died from the fear created by the explosion. A Proverb […]

6 Reason Why You Should Do Content Marketing

For small and local businesses, it can be hard to stand out against larger nationwide brands. However, content marketing can help your small business attract attention, and for relevant niches in your industry, too. Content marketing is a marketing approach that involves creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to your prospective audience in the […]

[Press Release] LucrativeTECH now offers 12 months FREE support

Many small businesses are struggling to grow on shoestring budgets, and their lack of capital makes for some tough decisions when it comes to allocating limited funds. Unfortunately, one area that small businesses tend to neglect is technical support particular for their website and other software or enterprise resources. As a company that has developed […]

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